PNG Keromine B Organic

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Single Origin Specialty Roasted Coffee

Region: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea
Screen Size: 14/17
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Coffee bags with valve
Tasting Notes: Juicy bodied cup, with notes of black tea, papaya and tropical fruits. Citric acidity carries through to a roasted hazelnut finish.
Q Cupping Score: Internal Score: 82.1

Coffee is the highest foreign exchange earner for Papua New Guinea, the majority of which is grown in the Eastern Highland Province, the Western Highland Province, and Chimbu. With the industry not derived on a colonial plantation-based system, production is largely by small farmers with land holdings that grow as little as 20 trees per plot in "coffee gardens" alongside subsistence crops. The Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd., as an umbrella organisation, has regulated, facilitated, and also provided research and extension services to the coffee farming community. This has been enabled in the form of incentives to farmers to sustain production with due care for quality and marketing facilities.