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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fairtrade Organic

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Organic, FairTrade

Region: Kaffa, Oromia
Grade: Grade 2 - Washed
Screen Size: 17/15
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Coffee bags with valve


Appearance: Greenish
Tasting Notes: Sweet cup with notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, almond and mandarin. Dark, heavy, inky body with a buttery, marzipan finish.
Optimal Roast: Can take a dark roast, however a light - medium roast will enhance the delicate, sweet, floral notes.
Cupping Score: Internal Score: 84.25

From the birth place of coffee comes this washed Arabica, evenly graded with a greater degree of refinement. More body than unwashed varieties with excellent acidity & floral sweet cup. It is medium bodied coffee that suits perfectly the medium roasting process.