Colombia Excelso Regional Café Mujeres

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New season, new variety, limited availability Excelso grade. This single origin organic bean has a crisp stonefruit and blackcurrant acidity. Lingering malt and caramel finish. Nectarine and almonds give way to sweet caramel notes. 

 This coffee is produced by "ASMUCAES".  An association of Women coffee producers that have understood that one of the ways to take care of their families and improve their quality of life is producing coffee in one of the most productive regions in the country. 

Through the years they have achieved the organic coffee stamp NOP, UE And FLO, for 21 of its producers in their organization, with a volume of 196,000 kilos of certified parchment coffee, with which they aspire to mark a long path of strengthening and business growth for their new generations.