The importance of freshly roasted coffee ....

by: Mark Bentham on

Freshly roasted small batch coffee is now more sought after than it ever has been, thanks to the third wave of coffee putting speciality coffee in the same realm as quality cigars, caviar, and wine.

            But why buy speciality coffee, or even just freshly roasted coffee, when the supermarket down the street sells big bags of coffee for less? First off, while those bags of coffee are popular, it’s not because the coffee inside tastes good, it’s because a lot of people either don’t know much about speciality coffee or don’t like coffee enough to try different types.

            While speciality coffee can sometimes cost more than its generic supermarket counterpart, it sure does taste much better. The coffee that comes ground and in the bags are made airtight by vacuum sealing and in some cases, nitrogen is added, and this process pulls the air and natural roasting gases, out of the coffee bag, but it also pulls flavour out of the coffee itself, resulting in a weaker tasting cup. This form of coffee is not very fresh either, who knows how long it sat on a store shelf?

            A fantastic alternative is to purchase freshly roasted coffee, at Kimberly Coffee Company we roast fresh on order and express post so your beans so they arrive fast and fresh.

            At Kimberley Coffee Company we roast small batches on top of the range small batch roasters.When massive companies roast their coffee, there is hardly any human intervention, and while this can lead to some form of consistency, it is not the best way to roast coffee. Coffee beans differ greatly depending on their origin, and even on the specific farm on a year to year basis. This is where a master roaster comes in and uses their skills to roast the perfect batch of coffee.

            When buying coffee, fresh is best. Freshly roasted coffee is more aromatic, has more subtle flavours, and is perfect for the budding or experienced coffee aficionado.

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