The health benefits of cold brew coffee

by: Mark Bentham on

Brewed coffee, especially cold brew, is loaded with stuff that is beneficial to one’s health, including caffeine. Ever since coffee has been consumed, its health benefits have helped millions of people, from helping them wake up to getting much-needed antioxidants.

            Caffeine, which is present in just about all forms of coffee, except decaf of course, works wonders for the human body when consumed responsibly. Aside from keeping people awake, caffeine stimulates the nervous system, and make people feel more alert and focused. About 11 years ago, a study done by “The Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology,” did a study involving children with ADHD, and lab rats. The study showed that these children were able to, with small amounts of caffeine, solve a maze quicker than the rats could, inherently stating that caffeine can help negate some of the downsides of a disease such as ADHD. Though, do not give children caffeine, unless recommended to do so by their physician. Caffeine can also help people manage their weight, as it can trick the body into thinking more food has been consumed. But it is advised to still consume enough calories in healthy food to get through the day, and for coffee, in this instance, to be used more as a means of speeding up the digestive system.

            All styles of coffee contain amino acids and antioxidants that can help prevent certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, as a study in Australia found, as the drink helps the body process sugar. Consuming around 3-4 cups of coffee per day has also been shown to lower the chances of certain cancers, such as liver cancer. There is also a link between regularly consuming coffee, and a 20% lower risk of strokes and heart issues, such as irregular heartbeats.

            But, for those who have a sensitivity to the sometimes high levels of acidity found in coffee brewed with hot water who want to enjoy these benefits, cold brewed coffee is much preferred. With cold brew being brewed by steeping an amount of ground coffee with room temperature water from 12-20 hours, the acidity ends up being much lower than its hot brewed counterpart. Studies have shown that cold brew can contain as little as 1/3 of the acid that coffee brewed with hot water would have, making it much easier on the stomach of whoever is drinking it.

            The human body requires a specific (pH) level to function properly and carry out its day to day tasks, such as regenerating cells. Consuming foods and drinks with high levels of acidity can throw off the balance quite a bit, causing the body’s alkalinity to decrease. This lower alkalinity can cause problems, such as trouble digesting food, complications with acid reflux, and more. For some coffee lovers, the amount of acid in a cup can wreak havoc, which is why cold brewed coffee is the preferred choice.

            Another advantage of cold brew, is that it is extremely versatile. For those who are in the mood for hot coffee without the acid, simply adding hot water to cold brewed coffee is perfect.