Kimberley Coffee update

by: Mark Bentham on


The last 6 months have been a super busy successful dry season in beautiful Broome – thank you for your support in 2016. Here's a little run down for you on what's been happening behind the scenes at Kimberley Coffee Company.

  1. We are super proud to have picked up a Silver medal for our signature blend Mintaka at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2016. Mintaka as a Fair Trade Organic Blend has constantly won medals in open chemically powdered categories in some of the world's most respected coffee competitions. 
  1. Kimberley Coffee Company headquarters has relocated to a new big wonderful warehouse - The Kimberley Coffee Roasting Shed. We aren't open for public visits yet but have exciting plans for something special in the future.
  1. We are increasing our roasting production equipment to keep up with demand for fresh small batch boutique blends.  Our newest model has increased our output beautifully, and the next in line will be allocated solely for our growing commercial market so we can supply Kimberley Coffee to more outlets around Australia and beyond.
  1. Have you checked out Chaiit? It is our newest product offering and surpassed our expectations by a long shot.  Beautifully packages spiced chai (people love it for gifts and stocking fillers) and it is a great alternative if you are watching your caffeine count.
  1. Nespresso Compatible Capsules. We can't make these fast enough! You need to make sure you order these well ahead of time particularly before the Christmas period. Many have shouted in glee to know we have a de-caff pod blend being released within the month too! (Yes, we care about you caffeine intolerant critters!).
  1. Coffee Making Gear ( espresso everywhere )is now available. We believe life is too short for less than perfect coffee so have scoured the planet (literally!) for gadgets that enable you to enjoy fresh espresso style coffee everywhere. We mean it – on a plane, in the bush, on the beach... Check out the new section on our website for gadgets that operate without electricity to produce a perfect espresso everywhere – all you need is Kimberley Coffee (ground or in pods) and hot water.  You can see how these game changer gadgets work by coming down to the markets on a Saturday, or check out our YouTube Channel for some (often hilarious) videos showing you how and where you can create the perfect coffee.  Great gift ideas, we have also made cute bundles containing everything you need to achieve the goal of a perfect coffee everyday, anywhere.  Don't forget we offer free Australia-wide postage for these also.
  1. Our YouTube Channel is now live! We promise we will not give up our day job of boutique coffee roasting and move into professional film making, but are really excited to share some moments with you covering things like;
  • The history of coffee 
  • The journey of the little coffee bean from wild plantations to your favorite cup
  • Coffee roasting processes at our roasting shed and at home
  • Cupping - the wine tasting equivalent in the coffee world
  • Making coffee for different drinks recipes. Did someone say Espresso Martini???
  • New equipment and gadget demonstrations

We will be interviewing some of our favorite customers and welcome any suggestions for future videos you may be interested in seeing.

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Wishing you a fantastic lead up to the holiday season, and hope to hear from you with feedback and ideas via the contact page, or if you are in Broome, just swing past the Broome Courthouse Markets on a Saturday and say hello.

Coffee & Love,

Mark, The Coffee Man.