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Yellow Caturra

While on our Coffee Hunt we came across something quite special – that got me very excited.

Well, we came across some magic beans and will be back as soon as can. Like other roasters, we visit the beaten road to coffee plantations and co-ops.

However, we are searching also well off the beaten roaster track.

To give you a bit of a teaser – I will start with a coffee we cannot get.

The other beans we found just as exciting may stay a secret for the time being.

Flores  - Yellow Caturra


Flores Yellow Caturra is a rare Arabica varietal, with only about 800 trees growing in the Bajawa and Manggarai area on the Island of Flores in Indonesia a long way from its main home of Latin America.

Really a long way from anywhere – hours of trekking.

The exact location we won’t be saying.

Characteristics and profile

With less than 280 kg available to say this is a micro lot is a massive overstatement, as it’s is rarer than rocking horse poo.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity try this coffee and to say it’s amazing is a total understatement.

The flavour is quite unique – mouthfeel is complex, with just hints of chocolate with a great body, high acid and a very clean aftertaste.

This coffee goes great with milk and as a single origin espresso – a great all-around offer.

A distinctive yellow bean really suits a medium roast.

This bean could set Flores up on the coffee map. So, keep your eyes out for years to come.

Kimberley Coffee Company will be first on the list once larger quantities are available.

On a note it has a lot of the characterises of our signature award-winning Fairtrade organic coffee blend Mintaka – which contains a great deal of Indo coffee.

You can tell we are big fans of this region


Kimberley Coffee Companies

Coffee Man

Note to self I need to get fitter.

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