2017 Coffee Trends

by: Mark Bentham on

2017 Coffee Trends

From Plantation to Cup

The humble coffee bean travels the long journey from grower to bean selector, roaster to café and barista to the cup of every discerning coffee drinker.

2017 will continue to be a growth year for specialty coffee and all the players will become more spotlit as the consumer seek more information about their favourite drink, such as origin, growing methods and certifications.

With this demand for information, all in the chain of creation to service will keep the up flow of information channeling through the supply line.

Consumers will continue to demand awesome coffee as they move away from the mainstream commercial coffees into the specialty coffee area of boutique roasteries and smaller coffee houses. Coffee is now their hobby and passion.

Growth of portable coffee makers –

Consumers are obsessed with the extraction of their coffee.

In a mobile world, consumers are demanding to have awesome coffee everywhere they go. They have set a new standard.  They need good coffee at home, at work, while traveling, on holidays, even camping.

Portable personal devices such as Aeropress and Mini Espresso machines will be come more and more popular with increased availability.


This niche market will continue to grow in popularity not only in café’s but in take home specialty glass. Consumers will also get creative and start to make it at home with their own specialty blends.

Resurgence and development of Coffee Cocktails offerings.

In the On-Premise and Ready to Drink  (RTD’s) take away market, the coffee martini will spin off many awesome coffee cocktails this year.  Combined with the Cold Brew element, this will be a huge new wave in the coffee and cocktail market in bars and cafes.


New and increasing demand for organic coffee that is not compromised in flavour while promising a good ecological history and story will lead to an increase in modern coffee harvester choices over traditional third world growers who do not have the same stringent rules and regulations.

Café Market

Cafés will continue trade and grow their businesses organically, however, they will need to offer more to their customers who now have a wide range to choose from.  They need to ensure they think deeply about all elements to remain competitive – location, decor, theme, service as well as an awesome offering and selection of specialty coffee.

They will be considering and expanding their brewing choices; espresso, cold brew, pour over are hot right now.

The cafes will need to provide a complete visual, sensory, service and information experience.

 It will be all about passion of the owners, managers and the team that will drive the successful cafés into 2017.  

Mark Bentham ….

Has worked in the hospitality industry all his life, and is the passionate owner of specialty coffee roaster Kimberley Coffee Company

He is also an Industry Consultant at Inspire Consult 

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